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Father of Two, Writer, Entrepreneur

As of a few days ago, I am the proud father of two! My wife gave birth to our son last Thursday, and we are well into the chaos that comes with adjusting to a new family member in our lives. Actually, the fun is just beginning since we’re still in the middle of the Japanese mandatory five-day, post-birth hospitalization. If it wasn’t for that, and the fact that I’m only taking care of our older daughter at home (with the help of my mother-in-law), there’s no way I’d have time to blog now.

Priorities Refocused

Family is first, second, and all the way through to a hundred in the priority list for me. It would go further, but family is a higher priority for me than hyperbole, so writing my priority list out to a thousand or a million is just silly. For the last three years, that has meant that, when I’m not at work (and I try to be “not at work” as often as possible, outside of the 40 obligatory hours), my wife and I focus on my daughter when she’s awake and on each other when she’s not.

Yeah, yeah, cue the “awwww” sound track now. But I’m serious. The only time I work on my writing or on my entrepreneur project is when I’m the only one awake (also when I blog), or when Nina is engaged in a one-on-one play mode. Then, my wife and I can take turns watching her and taking care of our own work around the house, projects, what have you. I don’t expect any of that time again for the forseeable future.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited about that! I’ve only got to spend a little time with my new son, so far; he tends to be sleeping whenever I visit the hospital or he wakes only long enough to nurse and sleep. (Talk about the life, huh?) When he comes home, I expect I’m going to be able to spend more time with him while he’s awake, but I have another, important mission as well: My older daughter. She’s only three, so I don’t know how much she understands about her baby brother so far, but there’s one thing she needs to know. She is not being replaced

This means that the time I used to spend goofing off, and some of the time I used to spend working on my writing or my projects, has to go towards being there for her. My wife isn’t going to have the time or the energy to be there for her as much as she has been so far, so Daddy’s got to step up his game.

Also, any tips on parenting for two are more than welcome!

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