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Finished my First Novel – For the Second Time.

Boy, I don’t think I’ll ever do that again. I certainly hope that I never have to.
After completing Banner of the King the first time, I decided that I’d learned so much from that writing process, that to go back and edit from the beginning would be too much. It would be better to just rewrite it. Reflecting on the rewriting process 260k words later, I don’t think that was the right call, because, guess what? I learned so much from this writing process that . . . you know where this is going, don’t you? But I’m not doing it again.

And I Still Don’t Know How to Edit, Yet.

So, kids, don’t be like me. Don’t rewrite, edit. Why? Because you’re going to end up editing it anyway. Then editing it again, and again. Will my story be stronger because of the rewrite? Yes. Will it be stronger after the rewrite than it would have been after an edit? I have no idea. I’ve never edited a novel. Yet.
I know that I’m going to have to take a lot of stuff out. I write long and I haven’t learned to fix that yet (maybe because I’ve never edited a book and therefore have no idea what kind of stuff is going to survive the cuts). So, find the good stuff, the important stuff that moves the story and characters along and save that while tossing the rest? Probably a good place to start.
For now, at least, The Banner of the King goes into the drawer for Stephen King’s prescribed six weeks. Then I’ll worry about learning how to edit as I go along.

The Next Book

Is already in progress. I started working on character development and conflict brainstorming the same day I finished Banner. While Banner is the first of a series, this one is going to be a one-off in a completely different environment- a near-future (300 years or so?) semi-military sci-fi with the working title Betty’s Boys. More on that later.

Personal Update

On St. Patrick’s Day, I got word that I’d been hired for a new job- a lifetime guaranteed employment gig, which is pretty awesome. The only problem is that I have to start May 1, so I’ve been working on wrapping up my current job and arranging my move (while keeping my daily writing habit going!) and this site has been behind as a result. I’m not going to catch up any time too soon.
Also, since today is the last day of Microsoft support for XP and I have not yet upgraded, I will be taking my laptop offline and working on my tablet only, for internet stuff. I have no idea how that will work for updating this page or the daily word counts, but I guess I’ll find out soon.
Anyhow, stay tuned here or on my facebook page. I’ll still be able to post there, I think, in the interim and let you know when I’m back!

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