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Hey, McFly! Anybody Home?

While I was pursuing a dead end in my study abroad blog, I was ignoring another opportunity that was practically knocking on my head. Like the many Biff Tannen incarnations in the Back to the Future series, and I was the clueless McFly, stuck in my tunnel vision.

I had an audience in another field that was asking me daily for help, and I wasn’t delivering.

Success = Failure + Time

The Best Places to Study Abroad wasn’t my first attempt at an online business. Several years ago, Sawa and I started an online translation business that never really went anywhere. My lack of understanding how online business worked at that time is largely to blame for that. At the time, I thought that having a website and a blog would be enough to attract customers. I know: naive.

We shuttered that business in 2014, but I kept the blog online and shifted its focus from talking about translation to living in Japan as an expat. Despite the time I pissed into the Study Abroad blog, TranSenz has continued to gain readership on posts that are now 3-5 years old.

It’s nothing by business standards, but I now get around 4,000 unique visit per month and, more importantly to me, average a meaningful comment or more each day on my posts. Most of those comments are questions, asking for more information on the subject.

That’s pretty much everything an online content creator could ask for.

My Current Project

I have an audience asking me to serve them, and I’m going to do it. My next project will be focused on TranSenz readers. I’m working on a series of e-books on the most popular blog topics that go into more detail. I might even put together a video course to go with it. If I’m feeling particularly adventurous.

Then, finally, I’ll get back into the fiction.

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