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I Scoff at People Who Say They Don’t Have Time to Write, but

. . . I recently found myself using the same lame excuse with the word “blog” juxtaposed for “write.” Damn those double standards.

Anyone Can Make Time

To write, to blog, to tweet, to train for a marathon; I don’t care what it is, if it’s a priority, you find time, you don’t wait for time to magically appear in front of you with a pumpkin and mice ready to whisk you off to a dashing prince. Not going to happen. Act or fail.

I’m pretty proud of my writing habits. On weekdays, I write on my tablet on the train and bus and I write during my lunch breaks. I’ve converted otherwise dead space in my day into writing time without impacting the amount of time I get to spend with my family. On weekends, sure, I have to take a few minutes away from them to bang out my daily word count, but it’s not a gaping hole in my day. When I have to, I make it happen in the early morning or late at night to minimize the impact and maximize daddy-daughter play time.

With writing, I make it happen, no matter the complications. But with blogging, I don’t. All the bullshit excuses I make: time, perfecting my sentences, nothing interesting to say, they all ring in my ears like the same excuses I hear from undedicated writers. So, that’s what I am, an undedicated blogger. I don’t take the time to make it happen because it’s just not that important to me for now. Priorities are defined by what I actually do, not by what I say is important, and by that measure, blogging isn’t important.

What’s the Point?

For me, it’s blogging. For you, it might be writing, or exercise, or perfecting your pancake recipe (checked that box, thank you). It isn’t going to happen until we make it happen. Make time, make a goal, fail some at first, overcome that bullshit in your way, then succeed.

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