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New Best Places to Study Abroad Post: Lead Magnets and Style

In this week’s post on The Best Places to Study Abroad, 5 Best Study Abroad Resume Tips I’m trying a few things out:

  • This is my second post with a lead magnet.
    I’ve heard lead generation experts talk about the importance of lead magnets. Nearly nobody is going to enter their email address in a form if the only promise is “get my newsletter.” There needs to be at least some small incentive.
    Two weeks ago I tried a post with a goal-building worksheet. It hasn’t gotten any traction (but then, it only has a dozen readers or so). This week, I took a direct suggestion from the guys at LeadPages and made a summary/checklist of the article that people could download. I’m interested to see if this performs better.
  • Number in the title (again). My most well-read post so far was “4 ways to stay safe abroad, so I’m trying the numbers theme again. Of course, my sample size is still pitifully small, but these posts will stick around forever, so there’s always the chance they get found later.

Every “how to start blogging” guide I’ve read mentions that for a long time at the beginning – when you’re most passionate – you’ll have next to zero audience and it can be depressing, but you have to push through. Since I’m taking the slow approach (and especially slow on promotion), I expect things to go even slower. Just gotta stick with it!

If anyone else out there is on the entrepreneur journey – or interested in study abroad – I’d love your feedback on the article!

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