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A New Computer and my Upcoming Schedule

I’m back! No, really.

I took my Windows XP machine offline back in April when Microsoft stopped support because I had no interest in risking my precious novels. Since then, my only internet access has been a Nexus tablet- also my primary writing device. Well, that works fine for rough drafts, but for anything that requires any small amount of editing, nothing beats having a mouse available. I’m still too fat-fingered to go entirely touch screen.

But now, I’m back! I got a shiny new laptop, with help from my brother who had to transship it from the States for me. Damn, but it’s a pain to get an English-based machine when you live overseas! I think I have the US Postal Service regulations on shipping lithium batteries memorized now…

In the mean time, I finished the first draft of Betty’s Boys yesterday, so I’ll be adding that one to the editing queue. Unfortunately, editing has been a slow process for Banner of the King- partly because, unlike writing, it’s something I’ve never done before. I was always a one-draft guy in college and grad school, but then, I wrote those papers to be one-draft pieces. With my novels, I took the write now, edit later approach, and boy is it coming back to bite me. My grad school papers topped off in the 40-ish page range- and I thought that would be a pain to edit. Banner is a 465-page pdf in its first draft format. Still going, I promise, just slower than I intended.

While I work on all of that, here is my upcoming conference and panel schedule:
Sept 16 – 19: EAIE 2014, Prague – Representing my university
Oct 9 – 10: G5 (Global 5 Universities) Seminar at Sophia University, Tokyo. I’ll be moderating a panel in Japanese on establishing effective student exchange systems.

OK, so neither of those are actually writing related, but that’s the closest I have.

Two days til Prague!

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