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What I’m Working On Now – 2016

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My Current Projects as of the beginning of 2016

Early in 2015, I stumbled on internet entrepreneurship, which opened up a whole new range of options for making writing into my full-time job. Since then, I’ve shifted full time into blogging – once my most difficult writing task (as the archives of this site no doubt prove). My primary projects for 2016 are:

The Best Places to Study Abroad.com

This is my primary project and the site that I intend to transform into my online business platform. For now, I am in the early stages of building an audience and trying to get people to rate their study abroad experience, but my plan is to make more connections in the industry, figure out how best to serve, and transform it into a money-making platform so that I can focus on it full-time instead of just in the mornings.

For now, I have to work it in around my day job, which cripples my growth rate and drains time that I could be using to develop additional opportunities. But on the other hand, I am learning how to become an hour-a-day entrepreneur!

TranSenz: Japan Expat Life

This blog is the only remainder of my first online venture, a failed translation company. If I knew as much about online business then as I do now, perhaps it wouldn’t have failed, but rest assured- you cannot just throw up a website and expect clients to come to you.

Now, the blog is a home for writing guides about living in Japan, with a wildly unsuccessful adsense base. My most popular have been a series about applying for the MEXT Scholarship.

TranSenz is a distant second in priority, although I see the MEXT guides as a potential book or digital education product in the future.

This site

This site is now here to document my entrepreneur journey. I will be posting links and commentary about the posts on my other sites, as well as any other useful information I come across, but don’t expect much depth for now. In terms of time, this one is not high in priority.

If you’re interested in following along or becoming an hour-a-day entrepreneur as well, I’d welcome you to join me! I’d love to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs:

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