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Where Have I Been?

Well, crap. I haven’t updated this blog in over a month (well, expect for the Writing Progress Tracker. It’s been a wicked busy month at work, plus a family crisis, plus I think I’ve just been taking this thing too seriously. I’m going to try to fix that.


1. Screw being pretentious and stiff, I’m going to have fun here. Stupid puns and jokes are in. I’m not trying to be taken seriously as an authority on writing. I’d be a joke if I was. Yeah, I’m documenting my steps toward becoming a professional writer, but if I’m going to become a pro writer, I’m going to do it on my own terms and have fun with it. If I have to change myself for this career, it’s not worth it. (Those of you who know me as pretentious and stiff in real life, shut up.) Also, part of that process or becoming a pro writer includes month-long periods of silence when the day job/ real life is kicking my ass I only have time to focus on writing, not blogging.

2. That StoryMOOC thing? No. I started with that iversity StoryMOOC course in a previous post, but I’ve given up on the course. Far from being informative about how to craft stories, it offered stunning tidbits like “the person in charge of storylines on a TV show is called the showrunner.” Not important. Week three or four was a mess of the course professors giving a list of their favorite books on craft. Really? And let’s face it, I hate video as a format for delivering information. Video is for entertainment only. Give me information in plain text, thanks.

3. Shorter Posts. George R. R. Martin writes 1-sentence blog posts, but he writes them often. Kind of like the opposite of his books. I’ve been writing until I have essay-length ideas with SEO-targeted content to write anything. I forget, this isn’t like my translation business blog. I’m not trying to sell you anything, for now. And even once I sell my book, I don’t think anyone searches google for authors’ blogs as a way of finding new things to read, right? So forget that stress (or save it for the aforementioned business blog, which also never gets updated).

That is all.

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