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Stories for a Better Community

I Love Stories*

Stories bring family together. They bring strangers together – sometimes literally (stop reading on your iPhone while walking, please). They inspire us to do better. Stories help us to stop sucking. They comfort, amuse, and trick us into thinking.

We need more stories. That’s why I do this.

My name is Travis, and I haven’t always known that I always wanted to write. I used to think I wanted to save the world. But I learned the hard way in Afghanistan that most of the world could do without so much externally-imposed “saving,” thank you very much. The locals didn’t want any part of saving that meant that they had to change. For that matter, many of us there on our rebuilding mission wouldn’t have wanted to go through the effort necessary to save ourselves from our demons.

So, “saving” the world was out. At least, that way.

Leave the World Better than You Found It

I still want to make my world a better place. And I happen to like to write and love to read. A ha!

I have always gotten my best inspiration from fiction. Stories that made me think about new ideas, or old ideas in a new way. Fictional characters are my sounding board and behavior models: What Would Aragorn Do? What about Saruman?

If I can write just one story that touches five people the way that so many of these stories have touched me, I’ll call my writing a career a success.**

That’s why.

Introducing the Author

My name is Travis. I’ve already mentioned it and, if you hadn’t gathered that from my URL and site title, well, reading might not be your thing.

Travis means “at the crossroads,” according to the baby name book my parents used to choose it. The internets tell me that it was an occupational name for a person who collected tolls from people “traversing” from one lordship to another.

That makes me sound like a highwayman. I’ll take it. I am the highwayman that stops you from getting from point A to the point B you never wanted to go to anyway. I’m the guy that diverts you with a good story and takes you in an totally unexpected direction.***

There Are No Original Stories, Just Original Presentations

I’m not one of those novelists obsessed with creating original art. Even the highwayman author thing has probably been done before.

Outside of writing, my passions are being a better father to my two amazing kids and husband to my wonderful wife; becoming a better leader, both in my personal life and in my day job. I’m also passionate about international education and lifestyle design entrepreneurship. You might find some of that in my writing. You’ll certainly find it in my twitter stream.

I’m tempted to write my whole bio out here, but let’s face it, nobody wants to read a data dump at the beginning of a story. Just like my characters, you’ll learn more about me as my adventure continues.

Where We Go From Here

I am restarting my writing journey. Armed with the understanding of why I want to write, the confidence to make a career of it, and my trusty garotte, I am going forth unafraid into the twilight of a highway near you.

*But not love stories. I can’t stand love stories.
**Although, truth be told, I would also like it to put a roof over my head, bring in lots of good things to eat and drink, and put my children through whatever coaching they need to realize their dreams.
***Sans wallet and cloak. Gotta live up to the highwayman reputation.

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