Breyik the Apprentice cover

Breyik the Apprentice

Series: Legends of Tal Deorai

Release Date: September 1, 2017 Available now!

Description: Raised in kobi society, where skill in Devicing is valued over all things, young Apprentice Breyik is determined to outdo his long-dead parents and become the greatest in history, but one man stands in his way. Master Takkri must judge him ready.

Breyik has a plan that cannot fail. He will meet any challenge, achieve any goal put before him.

But Master Takkri is not about to make it that simple.

Before Breyik became the larger-than-life hero who inspired generations, he was an apprentice Devicer toiling under a severe master and the constant pressure of his ancestry. In a few short days, though, his clear path through life took a sharp turn and set him on the course the rest of Tal Deorai would never forget.

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