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Breyik the Apprentice Released!

Breyik the Apprentice is Available Now!

cover of Breyik the Apprentice T. A. Senzaki debut novellette

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What it’s About

Raised in Kobi society, where skill in Devicing is valued over all things, young Apprentice Breyik is determined to outdo his long-dead parents and become the greatest in history, but one man stands in his way. Master Takkri must judge him ready.

Breyik has a plan that cannot fail. He will meet any challenge, achieve any goal put before him.

But Master Takkri is not about to make it that simple.


What if you spent your whole life preparing for one moment, one crucible, only to find when you got there that the rules weren’t what you expected?

Breyik tells the story of a young man (actually a young “kobi”, a subterranean race in Tal Deorai that has closed itself off from the outside world, but I digress) living in the daunting shadow of his parents’ legacy. As he takes the first step in pursuing the destiny that has been laid in front of him since birth, he encounters a hard lesson on living life to the expectations of others.

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